Socket A Is Coming: Test of 10 Boards

Equipment Table, Part I

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PlatformSocket ASocket ASocket ASocket ASocket A
ChipsetVIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133VIA KT133
Max. Memory (MByte)15367681536 MByte7681536
# DIMMS33333
Slots and Interfaces
# ISA slots10011
# PCI slots65555
AGP 4X11011
AGP 4X (Pro)00100
AMR (Audio Modem Riser)00111
USB ports external22222
USB slots internal11111
# IDE connectors (UltraATA/66)22222
Fan connectors42423
Integrated (Onboard) Features
AC97 SoundnoAD 1885Cirrus CS4299 (Codec only)CMI8738 PCIICE1232
Audio external:Line Out/In/Micno/no/noyes/yes/yesyes/yes/yesyes/yes/yesyes/yes/yes
Audio internal:Line-Insno2313
Wake on LAN (WOL)yesyesyesyesyes
Wake on Modem (WOM)yesnoyesyesyes
Intruder sensornonoyesyesno
extra UltraATA/100 IDE connectorsnono2x Promise PDC20295nono
Piezo speaker onboardnonononono
Frequencies and Settings
Freq. adjustable withBIOSBIOSDIP or BIOSBIOSBIOS
FSB for DDR system clock100 - 155 MHz66 - 147 MHz90 - 145 MHz100 - 160 MHz100 - 132 MHz
Freq. adjustable in 1 MHz steps100 - 155 MHzno100 - 111 MHz106 - 112 MHz100 - 132 MHz
CPU core voltage adjustable withBIOSnoJumper or BIOSnoBIOS
CPU core voltage1.10 - 1.85 Vn/a1.10 - 1.85 Vn/a1.10 - 1.85 Volt
CPU core voltage adjustable in 0.05V stepsyesn/ayesn/ayes
BIOS and Revisions
BIOSAwardAwardAwardAward (Dual)Award
BIOS version28.7.200014.8.200010032.8.20004.8.2000
Board revision1.011.011.01S102A
Clock ControllerPhaselink PLL205-01XCWinbond W230ICS94215AFWinbond W230ICS94215AF
Product variationsKT7 RAID with Controller Highpoint HPT370noalso without AC97-Sound availablenoAK74-SU with Creative ES1373
Uwe Scheffel