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Intel SSD 910 Review: PCI Express-Based Enterprise Storage

Power Consumption

Power is always a major concern when it comes to working in large enterprise environments. Intel states that its product uses 2.5x less power than eight 10 000 RPM SAS drives connected to a PCIe-based HBA, while providing better performance. The graph below shows the power draw of the card itself. 

Our sample's performance lines up very well with its official specifications. In its default configuration, the card draws a maximum of 25 W, while Maximum Performance mode pushes it right up to 28 W. We did measure a slightly higher idle draw than the 12 W we were expecting.

Sequential operations stress the device to a larger degree than 4 KB random I/O, which makes sense considering the more demanding Maximum Performance mode only affects sequential operations.

As a reminder, our review sample is an 800 GB SSD 910 that we also tested as the 400 GB version. Even though we're not stressing two of its 200 GB modules, the NAND and controllers are still present and drawing power. The actual 400 GB version should draw less power than what we observed during testing.