The SSD Workload Performance Analysis

Intel X25-E Professional Flash SSD (32 GB)

Throughput Testing

Intel’s X25-E professional SSD managed to maintain more than 200 MB/s throughput regardless of what type of workload we threw at it. Only the sixth run showed decreased minimum read throughput.

There is a very noticeable impact on sequential write throughput as you switch from sequential to I/O testing. Although the impact on maximum write throughput is minor, and average results suffer at acceptable levels, the minimum write throughput drops significantly. However, the minimum throughput on this SLC flash SSD still is much better than on the MLC based drives.

I/O Testing

To summarize: there is no substantial performance drop in the case of the X25-E. The SLC flash-based drive is capable of maintaining its performance level even if you keep changing the type of workload. Very impressive, indeed.