The SSD Workload Performance Analysis

Samsung PB22-J Flash SSD (256 GB)

Throughput Testing

Samsung’s 256 GB MLC flash PB22-J SSD typically delivers more than 200 MB/s sequential read throughput, which it cannot maintain when you stress it with heavy I/O operation between sequential tests. However, the performance drop is somewhat predictable: on average, you lose roughly 15% throughput, while the minimum read throughput keeps dropping more with every run. Still, we don’t think there is reason to be worried about read performance here.

The situation is clearly different for sequential write throughput. Average and minimum performance kept dropping with every benchmark cycle that included sequential throughput followed by our intensive I/O performance testing, but the write throughput quickly caught up again once we stopped throwing the I/O operations at the drive. Knowing that this SSD was designed to be a consumer product, the results are very acceptable, as you wouldn’t stress such an SSD with heavy I/O anyway.

I/O Testing

I/O performance of the Samsung PB22-J SSD is far from the levels reached by the Intel products, but the good news is that it is still much faster than any hard drive could ever be, and that I/O performance is consistent across our benchmark torture testing. There were no significant performance drops.