How Do SSDs Redefine Storage Performance?

Benchmark Results: I/O Performance

Here’s the real deal for high-end and business-oriented machines: I/O performance. Please note that our configuration has not been optimized for either the hard drives or the SSDs. Typically, firmware modifications on the controller side enable a bit more performance.

The database test pattern consists of lots of read and write operations, and it results in the two SSDs being 2.4x faster than the eight-HDD array.

Our results are similar on the file server benchmark pattern.

The Web server test pattern only involves random read operation at varying block sizes in an effort to simulate heavy server workloads. In this case, the SSDs, liberated from time-consuming write operations, unleash their full performance. You’ll see a 12x increase in I/O performance when going from eight HDDs to two SSDs in RAID 0.