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Scythe Kama Connect

Kama Connect is a little adapter module that was designed to operate a Serial ATA or UltraATA drive outside a computer. The Kama Connect hooks up to your computer via the USB 2.0 interface, and uses a simple Molex-type connector for the power supply, which provides the hard drive and the Kama Connect with energy. The device has a 40-pin ATA and a full Serial ATA interface (power and data).

If you prefer "proper" solutions you'll probably dislike this product, as the Kama Connect renders the hard drive - which is to be connected to a PC - pretty much unprotected against shocks or other threats. Yet we believe that many enthusiasts may be looking for solutions, either quick and dirty or well-designed, that allow them to hook up a hard drive to a PC for rapid data exchange.

We tried a Serial ATA and an UltraATA hard drive, and we tried both at the same time, which actually worked. If you want to install an UltraATA hard drive you have to use the Molex splitter cable, so the power supply can service both the Kama Connect device and the hard drive.

The read transfer rate slightly exceeded 30 MB/s, while write performance hit 26 MB/s, which leaves the Kama Connect at eye level with the majority of the external hard drive products we've reviewed.


  • Attach any SATA or UltraATA hard drive to your system within seconds.
  • All capacities supported (750 GB worked in our labs).
  • A quick and dirty solution for people who don't have time to install a drive into an external enclosure.


  • Hard drive remains literally unprotected in operation.
  • USB 2.0 throughput is a bottleneck for all modern hard drives.

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