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Storage and Security On the Go: 6 External Hard Drives

Ximeta NetDisk Mini: NAS At Home

The aptly named NetDisk Mini is an external storage device featuring a 100 Mbit network port. It comes complete with an integrated mini-server that makes it suitable for use as a low-cost NAS solution (Network Attached Storage). The neat thing about this device is that all computers in the network can access the data, provided they have access permission.

Since requiring network access would have been a tad inflexible, Ximeta also outfitted the device with a USB 2.0 interface. Inside the case is a 40 GB 2.5" hard drive that pumps out solid performance with its 5400 RPM spindle speed.

The run.exe program required to release the hard drive is found in the NetDisk Mini's 12 MB storage area. But before you run it, you must first deactivate the Windows XP firewall or adjust it for LAN data transfer.