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Storage and Security On the Go: 6 External Hard Drives

Sony MicroVault Pro: Ultra Compact, Ultra Portable

Sony sent us its MicroVault Pro, which at 2.0 GB of storage capacity, is considerably smaller than its competition. In return, the device offers comparably small dimensions and a tiny weight of only 2 ounces (55 g) including packaging.

The advantages of the MicroVault Pro are obvious: its low weight and incredibly slim design mean it can easily be tucked into a shirt or pants pocket. Unfortunately, its data transfer speed of max. 6.2 MB/s is nothing to write home about. The reason for this is the 1" hard drive installed inside the enclosure; these small drives just aren't nearly as fast as 2.5" or 3.5" models. However, since the drive is only 2 GB in size, the low speed is not that big a deal; the MicroVault Pro can write or read all its data within an acceptable timeframe. Like the Seagate drive, it is visually very appealing and will certainly serve to brighten up your desk.