Storage and Security On the Go: 6 External Hard Drives

The Test Candidates In Detail

MicroSolutions Lock Box: High Capacity Possible

MicroSolutions' Lock Box adds extra data security with fingerprint authentication access. The 80 GB hard drive is a 3.5" form factor unit and correspondingly heavy: with the cables and power supply attached, it tipped the scales at 2.5 lb (1.1 kg). That means the Lock Box is not ideally portable, but it is still suitable for occasional mobile use. And considering the moniker "Lock Box", a little extra weight is OK. The use of 3.5" drives means the box is suitable for capacities of up to 400 GB, whereas 2.5" drives currently max out at 100 GB. Due to the increased power requirements of 3.5" hard drives, the power supply is a necessity.