System Builder Marathon: Mid-Cost System

Application Benchmarks - Media Encoding

The first application benchmark we ran was the media encoding suite. We started with the iTunes benchmark, which measures how long it takes the iTunes program to convert a half-gigabyte wave file to AAC:

The Q6700 finished this task on a CD-sized file in just under two minutes. Now let's try the Lame 3.98 beta 3 benchmark of the same file.

iTunes was notably quicker to encode the file, but the results are in the same ballpark.

Not much more to say without comparative data from other test systems. Now we'll move on to video encoding using TMPGEnc:

We see that the DivX encoder appears to work faster than the Xvid encoder, but that's all we can really discern at this point. So, let's move on to the DVD transcoding benchmark with CloneDVD 2:

The job is completed in just over 8 minutes.

Now that the media encoding benchmarks are complete, we will examine the image rendering benchmarks.

  • crites
    Why wouldn't you put 1066MHz (PC2-8500) memory on this machine?
  • OS43
    I assume they are using Cas 4 memory, which you are not going to find in this price range at PC2-8500.
  • AngryClown
    This build is identical to my current rig, except I chose an 8800GT, and the Q6600 oc'd to 2.88. It plows through AVCHD editing, and Oblivion.

    I spent weeks researching the best price points. Good job guys.