Terratec's Aureon 7.1 FireWire Attempts Plug-and-Play with Pro Sound Card Performance

Behavior At 16 Bits/44.1 KHz

The card is capable of doing much better but this is the format of a CD. The results are all very good and there are no weak spots.

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Frequency response (40 Hz - 15 kHz)+0.02, -0.18 dB
Weighted signal-to-noise ratio98 dB(A)
Stereo crosstalk99.6 dB

Frequency response : An excellent result, attenuation at 20 kHz remains very weak and undulation is negligible.

Noise level : The noise level is very low and there is hardly any interference. It would be hard to ask for more.

Dynamic capacity : a very good result though, it must be said, while not as good as that of the more professional cards.

Distortion : Distortion is very slight and won't give you any problems.

Intermodulation : Here again, the signal level of interference is so weak that you don't have to worry about it.

Stereo separation : Almost invisible on the graph supplied by RMAA, diaphony can be considered to be zero.