Terratec's Aureon 7.1 FireWire Attempts Plug-and-Play with Pro Sound Card Performance

Drivers And Software, Continued

The DVD Audio management is very good. You can play both Audio and Video DVD tracks.

WinDVD offers a very effective image-capturing system for playing DVD video.

Sound Rescue is a simple but effective piece of software that can handle audio files that are spoiled by crackling, hissing and other extraneous noise generally found on vinyl disks and audiocassettes. Sound Rescue is easy to use and offers such standard functions as "Declick", "Decrackle" and "Denoiser" (removes hiss) with level adjustment. It is therefore an excellent addition to a card that has a phono input. Yet its possibilities are definitely inferior to that of specialized software. So it all depends on how ambitious you are in that area.

We noted that no music software has been provided. This option is fairly understandable but we would still like to have found a Wave editor. In its present state, the FireWire card is mainly multimedia-oriented but you can, of course, make it work with music software because it has ASIO2 drivers.