TFT Guide - Part 2 - Viewing Angle Technologies

MVA (Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment)

Figure 3: MVA by Fujitsu. From a technical point of view, the best compromise for wide viewing angles and short response times.

In our opinion, Fujitsu has found an ideal compromise. MVA attains viewing angles up to 160 degrees - i.e. still very good - as well as offering high contrast ratios and short response times.

How does MVA work?

The letter M in MVA stands for 'multi-domains'. These are areas in a color cell. Figure 3 shows multi-domains that are formed by the use of protrusions. Fujitsu currently manufactures panels whose individual cells have up to four such domains.

VA stands for 'vertical alignment' and is a term which is somewhat misleading because the LC molecules (in their static state) are not completely vertically aligned due to the protrusions (see above, Off, i.e. black state). When an electrical field is created by applying a voltage, the crystals are horizontally aligned and the back light can then pass through the various layers. MVA offers faster response times than IPS and TN+Film technologies which is an important factor for video and game performance. The contrast is generally better, however this can vary somewhat depending on the viewing angle.