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How Well Does The Elder Scrolls Online Run On Your PC?

Ultra Detail, 1920x1080

Although we need to cover lower resolutions and less-demanding graphics settings, I imagine more Tom's Hardware readers are going to be interested in how The Elder Scrolls Online runs using the Ultra-High detail preset. Again, I'll keep one constant: the resolution. This first set of tests is at 1920x1080.

The Radeon R7 250X and GeForce GTX 650 handled this game's Medium preset with ease. But Ultra-High detail levels slow them down significantly, pushing both cards well under 30 FPS on average. Under even more demanding loads, that's going to be a problem.

On the other hand, AMD's Radeon R7 260X and Nvidia's GeForce GTX 750 Ti keep The Elder Scrolls Online running above 35 FPS at all times.

While the frame rates drop compared to our Medium-quality benchmarks, frame time variance remains low, giving us little reason to worry about the smoothness of gameplay.