Weird and Wonderful PCs and Mods

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It's time for a little fun. Tell Tom's Hardware's editors about the oddest, coolest, most bizarre, most eccentric or most outlandish PC or PC mod you've ever seen. Maybe your choice sits in your workroom, garage, office or storage locker. Perhaps it belongs to someone else. Possibly it has gone on to that great computer graveyard in the sky. Did you or someone else build it? It doesn't matter. Tell us about it.

Send us a photo or two if you can, but don't send photos that someone else holds the copyright on unless you have their written permission. You don't have to write much; just enough so others can appreciate the unique characteristics of the PC or mod. Check out the examples below for inspiration.

I'll select some of your stories and combine them into an article that will be published on Friday February 23rd. Let us know if we can include your name if we select your story for publication.

Please send your responses to me via email by clicking on my name at the top of any page of this story. Stories must arrive before midnight Eastern Standard Time next Tuesday February 20th. Stories that arrive later will be considered for future publication.

Examples To Stimulate Your Imagination

Fastest PC Refuses To Run

Back in 1997 one of our editors built a PC from all of the top performing components tested by Tom's Hardware. Of course the silly thing didn't work and it took two years for him to collect all the BIOS updates and drivers required to make all the components play nicely with each other. By then, of course, the components were far from being the top performers.

How About Some Coffee With Your PC?

Remember the infamous coffee maker in the PC case?

Cooking Oil Keeps PC From Cooking Itself

And then there was that cooking oil cooled PC.

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