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Thecus N5810 Pro NAS Review

Thecus' N5810 Pro is the only NAS in its price class with a built-in battery backup that allows the system to save your data even after the power goes out.

Random Performance

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Reading and writing sequential data is easy for NAS products. Random tasks (or any small file transfer) work the system harder, though. Two products really stand out in this test. One uses a Core i7 and the other uses a higher-end Atom processor. Both deliver better performance than the Intel J1900 used in Thecus' N5810 Pro.

The N5810 Pro falls behind Asustor's AS7004T in the random write test. That's the only NAS in our comparison equipped with a Core i7 CPU. It's very difficult for the other systems to keep up in benchmarks where raw CPU performance is a limiting factor. The Brtfs file system on the N5810 Pro does a good job of keeping Thecus competitive, though. 

Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.