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Thecus N5810 Pro NAS Review

Thecus' N5810 Pro is the only NAS in its price class with a built-in battery backup that allows the system to save your data even after the power goes out.

Single Client iSCSI Workloads

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Starting with this set of tests we move over to iSCSI for performance measurements. iSCSI is simple to set up, although most NAS users are not familiar with the process. Accessing your NAS over iSCSI gives you a drive letter and the storage appears installed locally. It's a great way to add large volumes of capacity to systems with small SSD boot drives. 

Just like many of the other real-world tests in this review, the N5810 Pro falls into the middle of our chart. The outcome is consistent with processor performance, so we expected it. We still achieved good performance for a system running 5200 RPM hard drives.

Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.