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Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750W PSU Review

RGB LED lighting is the new hotness, and a lot of power supplies are incorporating it. Thermaltake's Toughpower Grand RGB with 750W of maximum power boasts RGB lighting, surprisingly good performance, and modular cabling.

Pros, Cons And Final Verdict

The following video footage shows our work behind the scenes, demonstrating what we do to break down the PSU and put it back together.

The TPG-0750F-R pleasantly surprised us. Although it lacks an NTC thermistor (so its inrush currents are sky high) and the performance of its 3.3V rail is poor in transient load scenarios, the PSU outperforms most of the competition in this category. Its efficiency levels are outstanding, putting to shame seemingly similar Gold-rated PSUs and some Platinum-class ones as well. On top of that, ripple suppression is great, and the build quality is pretty good since TT only used Japanese electrolytic and polymer caps.

RGB lighting isn't an important feature to us, but the fan's hydraulic dynamic bearing is. That feature should be indicative of a long useful life. The modular cabling and four available PCIe connectors are great. It'd be nice, however, if TT also provided two EPS connectors instead of a single one. Moreover, we don't want to see identical EPS and PCIe sockets on a PSU's modular panel. Although TT colored the PCIe sockets red to match its PCIe cable connectors, the best option is a mechanically dissimilar connector.

The TPG-0750F-R is currently sold at a very good price, and thanks to its excellent ripple suppression and very high efficiency levels, you get plenty of value for about $100. With the addition of an NTC thermistor and relay, along with a slightly relaxed fan profile, the TPG-0750F-R would be much better.

If you don't give second thoughts to large inrush currents during cold starts, and you aren't so sensitive to noise, this Thermaltake PSU is a good choice. We don't really put much importance on RGB lighting. However, a lot of enthusiasts like it, and the TPG-0750F-R has this functionality right out of the box. Thermaltake claims that any PSU should be installed with its cooling fan on top, and if you decide to invest in one of the company's RGB units, you should heed that suggestion. 

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