Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750W PSU Review

Load Regulation, Hold-Up Time, And Inrush Current

To learn more about our PSU tests and methodology, please check out How We Test Power Supply Units. 


Primary Rails And 5VSB Load Regulation

Load Regulation testing is detailed here.

Hold-Up Time

Our hold-up time tests are described in detail here.

The hold-up time we measured exceeds 17ms, but the power-good signal lasts for less than 16ms. We'll still give the TPG-0750F-R a pass since its power-good signal is accurate and only a hair away from the ATX specification's minimum duration.

Inrush Current

For details on our inrush current testing, please click here.

Observed inrush current is very high because the PSU lacks an NTC thermistor for limiting high start-up currents.

Load Regulation And Efficiency Measurements

The first set of tests reveals the stability of the voltage rails and the TPG-0750F-R's efficiency. The applied load equals (approximately) 10 to 110 percent of the PSU's maximum load in increments of 10 percentage points.

We conducted two additional tests. During the first, we stressed the two minor rails (5V and 3.3V) with a high load, while the load at +12V was only 0.1A. This test reveals whether a PSU is Haswell-ready or not. In the second test, we determined the maximum load the +12V rail could handle with minimal load on the minor rails. 

Test #12V5V3.3V5VSBDC/AC (Watts)EfficiencyFan Speed
Fan Noise
Temps (In/Out)PF/AC Volts
14.354A1.962A1.967A0.986A74.78488.807%0 RPM
0 dB(A)
29.746A2.948A2.961A1.185A149.75090.984%1240 RPM39.9 dB(A)38.73°C0.986
315.506A3.453A3.477A1.391A224.94891.982%1290 RPM40.2 dB(A)39.01°C0.995
421.266A3.946A3.971A1.590A299.74791.859%1295 RPM40.3 dB(A)39.68°C0.997
526.708A4.946A4.980A1.797A374.75291.399%1335 RPM41.5 dB(A)40.67°C0.996
632.168A5.930A5.996A1.998A449.66790.796%1405 RPM42.7 dB(A)42.22°C0.996
737.651A6.935A7.013A2.200A524.66490.125%1435 RPM42.9 dB(A)42.73°C0.997
843.142A7.930A8.039A2.407A599.56989.342%1450 RPM43.5 dB(A)43.65°C0.997
949.090A8.445A8.583A2.410A674.64688.522%1450 RPM43.5 dB(A)44.59°C0.998
1054.798A8.952A9.097A3.033A749.47587.610%1450 RPM43.5 dB(A)45.54°C0.998
1161.127A8.970A9.123A3.035A824.40186.652%1450 RPM43.5 dB(A)45.77°C0.998
CL10.100A14.023A14.004A0.004A119.47684.744%1380 RPM42.5 dB(A)42.82°C0.986
CL262.453A1.002A1.002A1.002A764.98888.188%1450 RPM43.5 dB(A)44.47°C0.998

The load regulation we measured isn't up to TT's promises, that's for sure. We can't call it bad, though. The +12V and 5V rails do stay within 2% (the latter close to 1%, in fact), while 3.3V and 5VSB fall into the 3% range. Efficiency-wise, the TPG-0750F-R performs amazingly well for a Gold-rated unit. This is a nice surprise when we consider our previous experiences with Sirfa's platform.

Thermaltake's semi-passive mode doesn't last long, after which the fan starts spinning quickly under tough conditions. We would like to see a less aggressive fan profile in such an efficient PSU, but apparently Thermaltake wanted to play it safe. Thankfully the fan has a low maximum speed, so it isn't particularly noisy.

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  • Clamyboy74
    Im guessing very soon, there will be rgb power supply cables to go along with this
  • shrapnel_indie
    Has anyone tested this claim of a cooler PC with the PSU fan facing up into the case instead of down and drawing air from outside?

    Edit: I see with at least this unit, it was found to be so, What about other units?
  • Phillip Wager
    I have my computer case in a dusty area of my house and on the floor. i flipped my psu fan to face inside the case because i was sick of having to clean the dust filter every week or so. I'm paranoid about psu dust death. I have PLENTY of case fans(5) so i'm not worried about the psu overheating in this configuration.
  • Mpablo87
    I want it, for my Asus

  • Malik 722
    but mounting power supply fan side up won't suck in hot air from the chassis and increase the power supply temperature.
  • Virtual_Singularity
    2139211 said:
    I want it, for my Asus Cool

    Na, you really don't, you can do better methinks.
  • DotNetMaster777
    Power Specification looks nice but the temperature is a problem !!!!
  • nzalog
    rgb fad can't die soon enough
  • blackmagnum
    "It's common knowledge that hot air rises, so if we want to improve airflow inside a chassis, we have to help move hot air up and out with fans installed on the top or back. We'll have to revisit this topic in a story about PSU orientation and its effect on case cooling."
    -I'll be looking forward to the article.
  • SeoulFood
    I just won this PSU at a LAN this past weekend. I would use it, but I won a Silverstone 850w at the last LAN. Craigslist here we come.
  • powernod
    Extremely & pleasantly surprised by the results considering the fact that the OEM of this unit (*Sirfa) isn't considered among the best ones(*more likely a mediocre one, based on their history). But apparently Thermaltake managed to take the best possible results from an -only- adequate OEM such as Sirfa which is impressive !