Update: ATi's Industry Shaking Radeon revisited

Overclocking Results - Quake 3 Arena

Here we have a comparison of the fastest settings possible for each of our test boards. 16-bit color in Quake3 shows us no surprises, as the overclocked GeForce2 is a monster.

With High Quality settings turned on the Radeon improves its standing but the GeForce2, with slightly increased memory settings, flexes some major muscle. The stepped up GeForce2 64 MB card proves that once again that NVIDIA needs to get with it and put faster memory on their hot rod graphics chip. Radeon's HyperZ doesn't seem to buy much in Q3. A normally clocked Radeon 64 MB scores pretty much the same results as a GeForce2 GTs 64 MB card with 366 MHz memory clock.