USB 2.0 as a Multi-Purpose Solution: The External ATA Drive Case from ADS Technologies

Software Installation

Thankfully, Windows is able to detect a USB mass storage device as soon as you connect the drive. If you use Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you won't need to install any other drivers except the one for your USB controller. You should only have to install a driver for the USB kit if your system runs on Windows 98.

Even the installation of a CD drive, in this case a Samsung CD burner, was possible without any hitches.

The Windows hardware manager recognizes the installed drive and installs it as a CD drive. Access to the drive via the file explorer and Nero was possible straight away.

Unlike FireWire, USB is no great performer - but it is far more compatible. You can even connect the USB housing to older controllers that use the USB 1.1 standard - although this will reduce performance to no more than 12 MBit/s.