VGA Charts VIII: PCI Express Winter 2005

Performance Impact Of HDR Rendering

Another feature that sets the newer graphics chips such as the GeForce 6, GeForce 7 and ATI Radeon X1x00 series apart from their predecessors is their support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering. This feature is used for glare and extremely bright light sources. In real life, when you step out of a dark cellar into bright sunlight, your eyes need a moment to adjust during which time you see very bright light reflections. HDR rendering simulates these reactions your eyes make during abrupt changes in light. Serious Sam 2, the game with which we tested this feature, rewards owners of HDR-enabled graphics cards with very bright reflections and much greater detail.

The moon can be seen much better with HDR rendering enabled, with its surface structure shimmering through the clouds. The basketball hoop reflects the sunlight, making it shine.

The clouds surrounding the moon are very bright, the moon's surface details can't be made out anymore. Without HDR rendering, the basketball hoop looks completely normal.