Intel vPro: Three Generations Of Remote Management

Intel AMT Web Interface, Continued

One of the most useful features of vPro is the ability to remotely reboot a client machine.

As you can see in the screen shot above, the interface also lets you select boot device options. Clearly, this is a great feature for booting off local media in the event the target client needs to be recovered for some reason.

This feature also works on Apple's iPad, as you see in the screen shot below (look at how much differently the list is rendered).

Power policies are configurable through the Web interface too, as are all of the Management Engine's BIOS-based options seen earlier.

Connectivity can be configured either through a static address or via a DHCP server.

With the IPv4 address space becoming constrained due to the explosive proliferation of Web-capable devices, administrators can enable and configure IPv6 through the AMT interface, too.

Another important part of setup is the ability to configure name settings so you don't need to use IP addresses to access remote client systems or the Web interface.

Finally, you can add, change, and remove AMT user accounts through the software interface, assigning different levels of permissions.

It's nice to see Intel introduce so many management features previously limited to the server space, in addition to other, more unique features particularly valuable to desktops.

  • cngledad
    Can I suggest an article comparing different remote access tools we can use? From the freeware TeamViewer, VNC Viewer to such things like WebEx? I think that would be a very good topic.
  • ^^Don't forget Logmein Rescue which has vPro support.
  • pro-gamer
    intel man please give me a job.
    Intels rock
  • NirXY
    Glad to see you made it to publish day, was waiting for this piece.
    Looking great !
  • One correction: DQ57TM *does* contain a v1.2 TPM, the same as found on DQ67SW and DQ67EP. It's required to be vPro compliant (necessary for Intel TXT).
  • jhansonxi
    Nifty but I don't like the single-vendor lock-in. I can see real improvements in IT efficiency if this was combined with AoE. Would like to see SSH support, however.
  • extremepcs
    Hopefully they have improved the activation mechanism. Kind of a PITA if you don't buy a certificate from a trusted CA. I used an internal cert and had to activate each machine by booting from a flash drive.
  • chovav
    If my hard drive is encrypted using TrueCrypt pre-boot authentication, would I be able to fill in the password using Intels vPro?
  • jowunger
    The voice of the guy in the video is bad. The guy talks like he is speedreading a book...
  • cangelini
    cdw-vproOne correction: DQ57TM *does* contain a v1.2 TPM, the same as found on DQ67SW and DQ67EP. It's required to be vPro compliant (necessary for Intel TXT).
    Fixed, thanks!