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A Quick Once Over, Continued

The center section holds the motherboard, the front nose houses the two hard drives, and the tail section is where the power supply is mounted.

The DVD/CD drive is hidden in the wing, and discs are loaded through a slot in the leading edge. Also integrated into the wing is the keyboard and mouse receiver, and the Coolermaster Jet-7 cpu cooler is attached underneath and functions as an intake fan.

Since the motherboard was deep inside the main section, I needed to provide an easy way to plug everything in. So I purchased a standard case front-mount I/O panel and built that under the tail. In addition to the audio, USB, Firewire and gameport, I added a network port, custom United logo power switch, reset button, and the ac adapter plug for the mouse docking station.

The keyboard and mouse were painted to match the case as well, and United logos on each round out the theme. For finishing touches, I had a commemorative plaque made dedicating the case to my dad, and adhered it to the center of the base, and custom laser cut fan grills.