Weird and Wonderful PCs and PC Mods, Your Stories

I Asked, You Delivered

Last week I asked you to tell me about the oddest, coolest, most bizarre, most eccentric or most outlandish PC or PC mod you've ever seen. Well, you outdid yourself. I got so many responses that it's going to take another story to cover them all. By return email I thanked each of you for sending your remarkable stories, but let me repeat those thanks from me and from all who are about to read those stories.

All of the stories and images included here are used with the permission of the author. In some cases stories were edited for grammar, spelling and brevity.

Let the stories begin!

It's A Bird. It's A Plane. No, It's A PC

From: Brian "Boddaker" Carter

A Quick Once Over

I wanted to build my dad a case for a birthday/father's day gift. He is a retired United Airlines mechanic, with 35 years of service. I figured it would make a great theme if I were to pay tribute to his long and illustrious career. Since he worked primarily on the Boeing 737s, I designed the case to resemble one with the United colors. In order to keep the size relatively small and still fit all the components inside, I went with a pudgy, cartoon-ish look. I also chose to build only the right half so it could be set up against a wall, or be hung up using a monitor wall-mount system. As such, it had to be reasonably lightweight as well. So I decided to use acrylic instead of wood or aluminum.

Because of its shape, it wasn't an exact replica of a Boeing 737. But still I wanted to add some realistic detail to it, so I added some navigational lights. I put a landing light on the leading edge of the wing, a light at the tip of the tail facing back, I used the red hdd activity light on top to act as the beacon, and the power LED for the green navigation light on the tip of the right wing. Other lighting includes two 12" blue cathodes to illuminate the inside, one white led for the cockpit, red and blue leds to provide backlighting for the logo on the tail, and two 4" blue cathodes in the base.

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