Western Digital WD1000BB - Taking Grand Prize!

Business Disk Winbench

Traditionally, the Western Digital drives have always excelled in the application benchmarks rather than in the transfer performance and access time tests. Ziff Davis' WinBench 99 (the current version is 2.0) provides a Business and a Highend Disk WinBench both of which do nothing more than run common applications in order to determine the impact of hard drive performance.

The Business WinBench mark is probably less important, since business applications don't really require optimum hard drive performance. Nevertheless, the 600BB and 800BB drives did better in this benchmark than the newcomer.

Highend Disk Winbench

The results are completely different in the Highend WinBench. Here, the WD1000BB is able to clearly outperform all other drives - including Seagate's latest high performance drive, the Barracuda ATA IV.