Whitney, Intel 810 Chipset - Part II

Office Application Performance Under Windows 98

To demonstrate real world 2D and system performance we chose Winstone 99's Business Suite benchmark. Since all of these products are targeted for the low-end of the market we decided to stick with Windows 98 for our Winstone 99 testing.

Looking at the Winstone 99 Business results you can see that the DFI i810 based board does quite well with its integrated video. The difference in performance between the i810's integrated video versus the same DFI board with a V550 PCI installed is minimal. The ASUS SiS620 board however suffers miserably in Winstone with its integrated video scoring merely 16.5 Winstones. It is apparent the integrated video on the SiS620 steals performance from the ASUS platform. I went ahead and stuck a V550 PCI board in the same platform and the Winstone score jumped up to 19.0! If you think that 2.5 points aren't a big deal in Winstone you are wrong! To receive 2 additional Winstone points with the ASUS SiS620 and its integrated video would require the CPU to be changed from the tested 400 MHz Celeron to a 466 MHz Celeron.