Whitney, Intel 810 Chipset - Part II

OpenGL Performance Under Quake II - CRUSHER.DM2

The results given by running the crusher demo gives an excellent idea of what performance to expect from online/multi-player game. A multi-player game of Quake II requires more video horsepower than a simple single-player game of Quake II. Let's see how the performance of the i810 platform fairs.

By looking at the results it is quite apparent that the DFI i810 with integrated video is limited to 640x480 resolution when playing multi-player Quake II. However, it is pretty impressive that the DFI i810 can almost keep up with the SOYO i440ZX based platform at this resolution. Even though most serious gamers play Quake II at resolutions above 800x600. The average gamer should be completely content with multi-player gameplay at 640x480.