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Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 18, Firefox 11, Windows XP

JavaScript Performance Benchmarks

FutureMark Peacekeeper v2.0

Chrome lands on top in FutureMark's Peacekeeper benchmark with almost one thousand points. Opera comes in second with nearly 750 points. Safari and Firefox are in a practical tie for third place, both with about 560 points. IE8 only manages a two-digit score of 57, putting it in last place.

Mozilla Kraken v1.1

Firefox is the winner in Mozilla's Kraken JavaScript benchmark, followed closely by Google Chrome. Opera is quite a bit behind in third with a score that doubles Chrome's. Fourth-place finisher Apple Safari trails behind Opera. Internet Explorer 8 does not run this benchmark.

Google SunSpider v0.9.1

Chrome barely edges out Firefox to place first in Google's modified SunSpider benchmark. Safari places a distant third, followed closely by Opera in fourth. Once again, IE8 did not run this test.

Chrome is the obvious winner in JavaScript performance, followed closely by Firefox and Opera. Safari trails behind, while IE8 isn't even on the same field.