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Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 18, Firefox 11, Windows XP

DOM And CSS Performance Benchmarks


Mozilla Dromaeo DOM

Opera once again takes the lead in the DOM portion of Mozilla's Dromaeo test suite with a score of nearly 1700. The browser's margin of victory on our decade-old desktop is amazing, more than tripling the second-place finisher's score. Firefox takes a distant second place at around 525 runs per second, followed by Chrome at 420 and Safari at 383. IE8 cannot run the current version of Dromaeo.


Microsoft Maze Solver

Chrome takes the lead in Microsoft's Maze Solver CSS benchmark, completing the first five mazes in an average of under ten seconds. Safari places second with a time just under 20 seconds. Opera takes third place, followed by Firefox. Meanwhile, IE8 takes an unfortunate 20 minutes, putting it in last place.