Workstation-Shootout: ATi FireGL V7600 vs. Nvidia Quadro FX 4600

Solidworks 2007: Test Results

Unlike 3D Studio Max, Solidworks 2007 has a much smaller installed user based. Nonetheless, it is a serious construction application. This test leads us to an interesting discovery. While the FireGL V7600 leads in the synthetic Viewperf 10.0 benchmarks, Nvidia's driver team obviously created the better driver when it comes to the more important real-world applications tests. In practice this means that owners of a Quadro FX 4600 achieve better performance in Solidworks 2007. In this case, ATI's driver team needs to go back and refine its drivers some more.

Uwe Scheffel
  • tipoo
    Is there any reason why these applications couldnt run on a Geforce or Radeon card? Why spring over 1000 bucks for cards with seemingly tame specs?
  • @tipoo : I've thinked aboute the exact same things!