Zalman CNPS7700: The New Giant of Coolers

Equipment: Finally For LGA775!

An LGA775 retention module is included in the package

Users with P4 Prescott processors will be pleased, because anyone who owns a Socket 775 CPU now has the option of using a Zalman cooler. Users with Socket 478 platforms also have reason to celebrate, because this is the only socket for which the motherboard doesn't need to be removed from the case for installation of the cooler.

But there is bad news for Athlon XP owners: the CNPS7700 can't be used with Socket A. Due to the size of this monstrous cooler, the risk of damage to the CPU either during installation or when transporting the system is too great.

The cooler is equipped with mounting material for the supported sockets: 478 and LGA775 (Pentium 4) as well as 754, 939 and 940 (AMD Athlon 64 and Opteron) . It also comes with lots of extras: an easy-to-understand user manual, a sticker with the Zalman logo and the fan-speed controller Fanmate 2.