Zalman CNPS7700: The New Giant of Coolers

It Sure Is Big!

Size comparison: CNPS7000 (left) and the new CNPS7700 (right)

The CNPS7000 from Zalman has earned a reputation as an excellent air cooling system. The manufacturer has now followed up this great unit with the new CNPS7700 model. The most obvious difference between the two is that the heatsink is even bigger - the CNPS7700 is nearly 140 mm (5.5") in diameter, where the old one measured a "mere" 110 mm (4.3"). At a height of 67 mm (2.6"), it's just a little taller than its predecessor.

CNPS7700: one of the nicest looking coolers on the market

Thick air: ZF1225ATH 113 mm fan with ball-bearing construction

Good heat transfer potential: the shiny surface of the all-copper version...

...and of the aluminum-copper cooler