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Zalman ZM750-EBT PSU Review

Zalman's new EBT line consists of four PSUs ranging from 650W to 1kW capacity. Today, we're testing the ZM750-EBT, which, thanks to a low price, achieves a good value score. But how does it fare in terms of absolute performance?

Packaging, Contents, Exterior And Cabling


The box's graphic design is interesting. On the front, we find the series name, model number and capacity point. In the bottom-left corner, a series of icons depicts the 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, ErP Lot 2013 compliance, SLI compatibility and the single +12V rail. There is also an icon mentioning five-year warranty coverage, though Zalman tells us it upgraded the warranty on all EBT models to seven years.

On the sides of the box you'll find the power specifications table and some interesting photos of the PSU's internals, showing the APFC converter's circuit, the standby PWM controller, the DC-DC converters that generate the minor rails, the protection's IC, the 135mm fan and the single +12V rail's wires.


The box contents are nicely arranged, and the PSU is wrapped in a plastic bag. Its bottom is protected by a foam sheet. However, there's nothing covering the top, so you might say that there's something missing. According to Zalman though, only the first production batch misses the top foam cover.

A small box contains the modular cables, along with the user's manual, a set of screws and the AC power cord.


The PSU looks good thanks to its nice fan grille. Up front, you'll find a typical honeycomb-style exhaust grille. The power switch is installed next to the AC receptacle. 

Zalman's logo is stamped on one of the PSU's sides. On the other side, there's a sticker with the power supply's model number.

The modular panel consists of a few sockets. The red ones take auxiliary PCIe power cables, while the black ones correspond to peripheral cables. A plastic ring around the cable exit hole protects the fixed leads, which are sleeved all the way back into the PSU's housing.

A high-quality finish and light matte coating are nearly scratch-proof. We definitely prefer matte finishes to glossy ones. After all, shiny surfaces have a tendency to attract more fingerprints.


All three fixed cables consist of colored wires formed into a round shape. Sleeving quality is decent, especially for such an affordable product. In contrast, all of the modular cables are stealth and flat. Although the combination is a little strange, we've seen it many times, and not only in mainstream PSUs. For the record, though, we'd like manufacturers to know that it's more appealing to use the same type of cables on both fixed and modular cables, and avoid using weird-looking combos.

Aris Mpitziopoulos
Aris Mpitziopoulos

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.