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AMD Richland APU Will Boost up to 4.4GHz

Last week we uncovered a number of details about AMDs upcoming APUs, including which GPU the APUs will have on board, the number of cores, and their TDP. This week, VR-Zone has revealed more details about AMD's upcoming APU chips. These new details include CPU base clock, boost clock and the GPU's clock speed.

AMD has planned for it's flagship model, the A10-6800K APU, to have both its base clock and boost clock above the 4 GHz mark. The A10-6800K will feature a base clock of 4.1 GHz along with a hefty 4.4 GHz boost clock. While the A10-6800K is the only APU with a base clock and a boost clock above 4 GHz, all but one of the other APU's will feature a boost clock above 4 GHz. The only chip that won't feature any clock speed above 4 GHz will be the lower end A4-6300, which will feature a boost clock of 3.9 GHz.

Something else that's worth mentioning is that the GPU on the Richland APUs will be part of the HD8000 Series based on the GCN architecture. This will allow Dual Graphics support with the current HD7000 Series of dedicated GPUs.

APU-modelCoresCPU Base / Boost ClockGPU / ClockTDP
A10-6800K44.1 / 4.4 GHzRadeon HD 8670D / 844 MHz100W
A8-6600K43.9 / 4.2 GHzRadeon HD 8570D / 844 MHz100W
A10-670043.7 / 4.3 GHzRadeon HD 8670D / 844 MHz65W
A8-650043.5 / 4.1 GHzRadeon HD 8570D / 800 MHz65W
A6-6400K23.9 / 4.1 GHzRadeon HD 8470D / 800 MHz65W
A4-630023.7 / 3.9 GHzRadeon HD 8370D / 760 MHz65W
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