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'JellyFish’ Sighting: Adata's Liquid-Cooled Memory Spotted At PAX East 2018

Adata’s Project JellyFish liquid-cooled memory appears to have made the transition from project to production; we found a fully functional (and RGB-lit) kit of the DRAM on full display at PAX East 2018.

EVGA invited us to participate in its livestream from the PAX East show floor, and when we arrived we had a few moments to check out the company’s wares.  An open-air chassis with all of EVGA’s signature internal components (coolers, GPUs, motherboard) caught our eye, but the memory inside the system also seemed familiar. EVGA’s Jacob Freeman explained that the RGB memory was indeed Adata’s Project JellyFish liquid-cooled DRAM.

These new JellyFish DRAM modules are vastly different from the previously detailed prototype, with a metal heatsink covering the majority of the clear liquid-filled shell that makes contact with the memory packages. There's also an RGB light tube across the top of the memory above the main shell's LEDs, giving the modules two distinct lighting zones (a top tube and the shell itself). Overall, it appears that Adata has come a long way in development since January.

Despite appearing in EVGA’s booth PC, the company didn’t have any hard specifications it could share with us, so we reached out to Adata about the sudden JellyFish sighting. Unfortunately, Adata has remained silent on the subject thus far, and the company is likely refraining from making an official statement until it has the product’s promotional materials in order. However, the seemingly random appearance at PAX East could be an indication that we’ll be seeing JellyFish much sooner than later.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.