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Computex Day Three News Roundup

It feels a bit odd writing this, having participated in day three of Computex on the ground in Taipei, but putting together final thoughts on the day from back home in Los Angeles. We still have a small team in Taiwan, gathering some last items and having the kind of meetings that will determine some of our longer term coverage and product reviews.

On day three, Thomas Soderstrom captured a little bit of the motherboard theme for this year's show: every manufacturer showed us the obligatory Intel Skylake-ready, 100-series boards, but they might as well have been 3D printed, because there wasn't much detail, nor differentiation. The showcases were simply to demonstrate that there would be boards when the time finally comes -- and we tried every Jedi journalism trick in the book in our meetings with Intel, who remain tight lipped. I've got my money on early August. Instead, we stared at the pretty lights emanating from the phone-controlled MSI Godlike RGB X99 board.

As if to demonstrate our sleuthfulness, storage editors Chris Ramseyer and Paul Alcorn detailed the Seagate Sandforce client SSD controller early in the day, and then got some performance data leaked to them shortly after (read about that here). Chris and Paul have been breaking news all week, like with Paul's coverage of the Phison PS5000-E7 controller, and some exclusive performance testing of Toshiba's 15nm TLC. Paul was in early on covering the Plextor PlexTurbo 3. On day three, they also covered OCZ's unnamed m.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 RevoDrive product.

There are more scoops coming from our storage team for day four, so stay tuned.

Aris Mpitziopoulos was also on a mission for day three, providing some insights into new PSUs coming from Silverstone, among other products he saw from the company. He also told me early on day three that he was surprised by the number of new products from Rosewill, and he has hand-selected a few of the more interesting ones, including some gaming peripherals. You can read about it here.

Synology RT1900ac

Yesterday we covered a surprising and interesting new networking product from ASRock, and on day three, Aris found another interesting networking product from Synology, one that allows some pretty detailed control over traffic. You can read about that here.

Following our day three coverage, we'll have several more stories for you as we wrap up our show coverage, including that piece I promised you based on a sit-down with AMD CEO Lisa Su. Sometime on Friday we will also post our Best of Computex awards for 2015, with a couple of surprises thrown into the mix.

Stay tuned. Or keep staying tuned, as it were.

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Fritz Nelson
Fritz Nelson is Editor-at-Large of Tom's Hardware US.
  • James Mason
    Tell me more about this "Jedi journalism."
  • husker
    "These aren't the 'bloids* your looking for..."

  • f-14
    and we tried every Jedi journalism trick in the book in our meetings with Intel, who remain tight lipped.

    having been a marketing rep and a sales person and a public relations manager when all those people whose jobs it is to promote and sell sell sell until they drop dead when their whole job it to exclusively promote and sell a product means it's a very very bad product when they shut their mouths and don't say hardly anything while being light years ahead of the competition. even more was said about the joint strike fighter project while it was still in R&D and that was a national security top secret.
  • thomasxstewart
    AMD will have to cut rice more than 50% to surive, as have no future proof product....

    drashek inDnumbers....