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Flash Virtualization Software Unveiled

The company uses software to enable SSDs and PCIe flash memory devices as server-tier read-write cache and accelerate the overall performance of databases and other applications on servers.

The software addresses a general cost and performance problem in data centers. While flash processes data much faster than hard drives, the cost is often prohibitive. However, Flash virtualization can cut the amount of necessary Flash memory significantly, while increasing the application performance by a factor of four to ten, FlashSoft claims.

It basically manages the data is most often and most likely used in a limited capacity of flash. The company believes that only 10% of available data needs to be kept close to the server and on flash, while 90% of data that is more than 90 days old may never be accessed and does not need expensive flash storage. The management of Flash memory requires RAM horsepower. However, the company said that 100 MB of RAM is good enough to manage 1 TB of flash.

FlashSoft SE is available for Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 R2 now and is expected to be released for Linux later this summer. The software requires a minimum SSD size of 8GB and works up to capacities of 1 TB. A free demo version can be download from the company's website.