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Intel Teases 'First Look' at Tiger Lake and Rocket Lake CPUs During GDC Showcase

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Intel may offer more information about its upcoming products soon. The company's hosting a session at GDC Showcase that promises to offer a "first look at the new Tiger Lake H-series notebook and Rocket Lake desktop processors."

It's not clear what exactly Intel plans to share at GDC Showcase, which is essentially the pre-show for Game Developers Conference 2021, especially since we got our "first looks" at Tiger Lake and Rocket Lake in September and October 2020.

We already know Tiger Lake is supposed to introduce a new ultraportable gaming segment; that models with four, six, and eight cores will be available; and that Intel claims these processors will outperform AMD's Ryzen 4000-series "Renoir" chips.

Intel's also claimed that manufacturers have already built more than 150 products around Tiger Lake-H processors, and even though the line is supposed to be limited to notebooks, ASRock's already planning to use the chips in several NUC models.

We also know Rocket Lake is supposed to help Intel claim more spots on our list of the best CPUs with a claimed peak boost speed of 5.3GHz, the introduction of the Cypress Cove architecture, and the inclusion of 12th-gen Xe LP Graphics.

GDC Showcase might have been a good time for Intel to announce Rocket Lake retail availability, but the company's already said enthusiasts should be able to get their hands on the new CPUs on March 30. (Assuming they haven't already bought some.)

But that doesn't mean Intel will show up to GDC Showcase empty-handed. We're still awaiting official specs for eight-core Tiger Lake models, for example, and so far the only information we have about Rocket Lake pricing has come from retailer leaks.

So far as what Intel's said about its plans: The session will purportedly help viewers "learn how Intel empowers software developers with the latest tools and technology helping to make the best gaming and content creation experiences possible."