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ASRock, Asus, MSI Detail Z370 BIOS for 9000-Series Intel CPUs

ASRock, Asus and MSI have released new BIOS details for their Z370 motherboards in anticipation of Intel's next generation of processors.

The Intel Core family, with the 8th generation currently integrated by Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and Cannon Lake processors, is about to get even bigger. At the start of this month, Intel released the Microcode Revision Guidance document with the goal of providing details regarding the availability of microcode updates for its processors. However, the chipmaker also listed almost all the models of its upcoming 9000-series processors in the document. The 9000-series processors are said to be the rumored Coffee Lake refresh parts, which should launch sometime in the second half of this year.

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Last week, major motherboard manufacturers in the likes of Asus, ASRock, and MSI introduced new BIOS revisions for the companies' respective Z370 motherboards to accommodate the ostensibly 9000-series processors. For MSI's part, the manufacturer preferred to keep it a mystery and simply mentioned a new generation of processors. Asus and ASRock, on the other hand, bragged about support for the upcoming Intel Core processors. 

Intel will probably give its entire lineup of Coffee Lake processors, ranging from the Intel Core i3 to i7 models, the refresh treatment. There's even a rumor out that the chipmaker could introduce a Core i9 part with eight cores and 16 threads to rival AMD's Ryzen offering. So far, we've confirmed seven rewarmed Coffee Lake 9000-series and two 8000-series models.

ModelCacheCoresCore Freq. (base/boost GHz)Graphics CoresGraphics Freq (base/boost GHz)DDR4 MT/sTDPSocket
Core i5-94009MB62.9 / 4.120.35 / 1.05 266665W1151
Core i5-95009MB63 / 4.320.35 / 1.1266665W1151
Core i5-96009MB63.1 / 4.520.35 / 1.15266665W1151
Core i5-9600K9MB63.7 / 4.520.35 / 1.15266665W1151
Core i5-9400T9MB61.8 / 3.420.35 / 1.05266635W1151
Core i3-91006MB43.7 / 3.720.35 / 1.1240065W1151
Core i3-90006MB43.7 / 3.720.35 / 1.1240065W1151
Core i5-8650K9MB63.7 / 4.520.35 / 1.15266695W1151
Core i5-86509MB63.1 / 4.520.35 / 1.15266695W1151