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Tempered Tantrum: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, Enthoo Pro M Chassis Get Tempered Glass (Updated)

Update, 10/20/16, 8:10am PT: It would seem our headline was prescient. After announcing the Enthoo Luxe and Pro M tempered glass options, Phanteks followed up today with news that two more of its chassis are getting the sexy new side panels. The Eclipse P400 and P400S will come with a tempered glass side panel option.

The pair of chassis are identical to their non-tempered-glass counterparts (here and here). The only differences we can detect in a side-by-side spec comparison are that the original P400S has a three-speed fan controller, sound dampening panel options, and an optional HDD bracket that the tempered-glass P400S lacks.

Both new cases come in black, white, gray, or "Special Edition" black with red or white lighting.

Phanteks Eclipse P400S tempered glass

Original article:

It would seem that case maker Phanteks is quite enamored of tempered glass. After adding the option to its Enthoo Evolv ATX chassis, the company has expanded to tempered-glass versions of its Enthoo Luxe and Pro M cases.

Just as Phanteks did not otherwise change much about Enthoo Evolv ATX cases when it added tempered glass panels, it’s mostly left the Pro M specs alone. The Pro M versions appear to be identical save for the new side panel option, although the Enthoo Luxe looks to have some slight tweaks.

The tempered glass Enthoo Luxe has one additional expansion slot and four extra drive bays. It also appears to offer a pair of 120mm fans on the bottom of the chassis and space for one additional 140mm fan on the top, and it comes with a 200mm fan for the front. You can also mount another 140mm radiator, on the rear.

Because the call of RGB is irresistible, Phanteks expanded its RGB lighting strips; now, in addition to the strip running around the new side panel and illuminating the power button, it rings the entire front panel, too.

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass

Otherwise, the key takeaway here is that you can now buy a Phanteks Enthoo Luxe or Pro M case with a lovely tempered glass side panel instead of the previous split-window option.

The Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass comes in Black or Anthracite Grey for $170, and the Pro M Tempered Glass comes in Satin Black at a cost of $100.