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Philips Releases 40-Inch VA Ultra HD Display

Available in Europe since late 2014, Philips' much talked about 40-inch Ultra HD BDM4065UC has finally come to the U.S. for gamers and enthusiasts to drool over.

After the first-generation 32-inch Ultra HD screens hit the market at around $3,000, users have been patiently waiting for a jumbo display that didn't cost as much as a used car. We thought we'd gotten a little relief when a crop of 28-inch TN panels came out at around $600, but the smaller form factor means smaller fonts and icons; not the best solution for those of us with less than stellar eyesight.

We've maintained that a large monitor is the best use of Ultra HD's extra pixel density, so Philips decided to top all newcomers with a 40-inch model. The 40-inch display is based on VA technology, which offers the best black levels and highest contrast of all LCD panel types.

At 110ppi, it renders fonts and objects in the same size as a 27-inch QHD screen, which is our current preference in desktop monitors. With a slim bezel and minimal footprint, it should work equally well as a single-user display or in a small conference room setting. The VA panel allows for viewing angles similar to IPS so those outside the sweet spot will still see a bright and colorful image.

Inputs include two HDMIs (one with MHL), two DisplayPorts (one mini-DP) and a legacy VGA connector. Control is possible through an RS-232 interface, which is a rarity in computer monitors. This makes the BDM4065UC better-suited for commercial applications like signage where the screen has to be controlled remotely. Also included is a four-port USB 3.0 hub. With the MultiView feature, two sources can be displayed on the screen at once.

Obviously, the VA panel is something we've been longing to see. Our only other review opportunity of this tech was BenQ's BL3200PT, a 32-inch QHD monitor that is still our contrast leader among all the computer displays we've tested. There's a reason most consumer HDTVs are based on VA; it offers at least double the contrast of the same-size IPS panel. Fortunately for us and our readers, we will be receiving a review sample very soon and we can't wait to put the BDM4065UC through our benchmark suite.

We're particularly excited about this new addition to the Ultra HD ranks, not only for its impressive specs but because of its low price at only $799. This completely smashes the Ultra HD competition in the dollars per square inch contest. The only challenge in owning this monitor is: Can you make enough room on your desktop?

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Christian Eberle
Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.
  • alidan
    very close, would get this if 48 inch never comes out
  • troger5troger5
    I went originally with a 27 inch 4k and realized that I could get a 65 inch 4k tv for about double the price. I took back the monitor and have been completely happy with the tv. I mainly use it to play games. I would have been sold on a 30 4k but a 40 inch in my opinion is pushing tv size and thus my 65 inch is easier on the eyes. You would need to push it back a good 2 to 3 feet? I might mess with one at some point tho. Very nice price.
  • jossrik
    I agree with the TV sentiment, I just got a 4k 49in TV/Monitor, complete with HDMI 2.0 for well under 500$ New, I can't see going smaller for something that's just named a monitor rather than a TV. Completely blows away my old 39in 1080p TV in color, contrast, and of course, clarity.
  • redgarl
    I bought my Panasonic 58AX800 because it was the only TV offering displayport. I don't regret it and feel sad that TV cannot offer displayport with freesync. It is just such a bad decision...
  • Illusionweaver
    Where can one purchase a BDM4065UC ? in USA? I can only find sites that import them and as a result the price is significantly higher then stated in this article.
  • doomtomb
    110 DPI is too small. Way too small. With 40" viewing size, u will have to sit further away than u did with 27" which was already too small DPI for me.
  • JTB3
    This monitor can be purchased for $799 (free shipping) from
  • JTB3
    It's about time... This is an awesome 4K monitor for productivity, multimedia, design, development, and gaming (despite a few quirks). I purchased one from eBay (Korea) earlier this year and have never looked back on my old 30inch monitor that I had for 8 years. The extra screen real-estate is AMAZING. I'm looking forward to next-gen 50in+ 5K monitors for even MORE real estate - bring it on!

    "Once you go BIG, you never go back!"
  • ragenalien
    I ordered one off of amazon and just got it in the mail today. I can say my initial impression is that it is absolutely one of the best 4k monitors available. I'm all for IPS but VA contrast is second to none for a monitor.
  • libykim
    I don't know much about the specs of TVs and monitors.
    How does this compare to UHD TVs around the same size that is selling for about the same price or even less?