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Build Your Own AIO PC With Desktop Components

QuietPC introduced the Mono all-in-one monitor PC chassis. This case allows system builders to use desktop components instead of the typical laptop components used in most AIO desktops sold today. The drawback is that most of the hardware will noticeably stick out of the back, including the power supply and the graphics card.

The Mono chassis comes with a single ultra-thin pane of glass protecting a Full HD screen and a black plastic cover for the back to "hide" the hardware. The company provides an audio cable that connects the two 3-watt stereo speakers to the user's motherboard. Also provided is a DVI cable that connects from the case's PCB to the graphics card, or to the motherboard's on-board DVI port if a graphics card isn't used.

The chassis comes in three flavors: 21-inch, 23-inch and 27-inch. QuietPC says that Mono can house a Mini-ITX motherboard, a full-size ATX power supply, a full-size graphics card, one 3.5-inch HDD or two 2.5-inch SSDs, and an optical drive (tray-loading or slim slot). More specifically, the chassis can accommodate a power supply that is 150 x 140 x 86 mm in size, and a graphics card up to 245 mm in length.

A list of specifications show that the screen in this chassis has a typical contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1. They also have a brightness level of 250 to 300 cd/m2, viewing angles of 170 degrees and 160 degrees, and response times between 3.4 ms to 5 ms. The chassis includes VGA and DVI ports.

So why not just build a new PC using your typical boxy chassis? Because cables running from your mouse, keyboard and so on can get in the way. Plus, the desktop setup can become quite ugly, with cords hanging like vines. With this AIO form factor, most of the cables are crammed inside the chassis, leaving just the power cord and perhaps those from the mouse and keyboard. Even more, wireless connectivity of various types can help eliminate some of those cords.

Available now, the new chassis costs $407.37 for the 27-inch model (£249.17), $339.24 for the 23-inch model (£207.50) and $298.37 for the 21-inch model (£182.50).

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