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Silverstone Releases Clear CMOS: The External CMOS Reset Switch

Nobody enjoys having to open up the computer case and possibly move components just to reach that tiny and often poorly placed CMOS reset jumper cap every time an overclock fails. Silverstone has recently released a solution to the problem that has frustrated overclockers for so long - an external CMOS reset switch to replace the jumper cap known unsurprisingly as Clear CMOS.

The reset switch is mounted on a bracket which simply slots into an available space on your expansion card backplate. For most people this is far more convenient than having to open up the case. Others may find having to reach around to the back of their case just as annoying, depending on where the case is situated.

The switch itself is quite small and is therefore easy to damage or activate if bumped. Silverstone added a red cover which protects the switch and prevents an accidental reset. The switch is connected to the CMOS reset jumper with wires similar to those used by the front panel switches, and therefore replaces the original jumper cap. The bracket is essentially a modified version of the company’s Aero Slots expansion slot covers and has four ventilation holes on either side of the switch.

The concept of an external CMOS clear switch is not a new one. Motherboard manufacturers such as Universal abit have used them for some time, often placing them on the motherboard backplate. These switches are often small, flimsy and uncovered so that they can be activated by accident.

Pricing and availability for Clear CMOS is not yet known.