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SteelSeries Bringing Back Fan Favorite Siberia V2 Headset With New Name, New Colors

The SteelSeries Siberia V2 headset was a longtime favorite for PC gamers, and when the company discontinued it, fans from around the world demanded its return. SteelSeries heard those calls and relaunched the headset with updated internals and vibrant colors to choose from.

SteelSeries said that the community had a huge role in bringing this headset back to market, so rather than just update the internals and put it back on the shelves, the company looked for inspiration from gaming personalities. SteelSeries turned to its Ambassadors, comprised of professional eSports players and Twitch streamers, to come up with color options that reflected their personalities. 

The SteelSeries Siberia 200 will be available in seven different color options. There's a black version with an orange head strap and a white version with black head strap. These two colors are available now from SteelSeries website. The other five colors are those inspired by the select Ambassadors.

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Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan Syed came up with the Alchemy Gold color scheme. Most of this headset is black, but there are subtle gold accents found all over it. Eric "Snip3down" Wrona created the Forged Red headset. This one is a bright, almost blood-red headset. Both are available for pre-order.

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The remaining three options are not available yet for pre-order but will be in the near future. Proton yellow, which is mostly black and has subtle yellow accents, was designed by Kevin "Broken" Georges. Edwin "Castro" Castro's entry is called Gaia Green and features a lighter color scheme than most of the other options. The ear cushions are a pale yellow and the rest of the headset is gold with silver accents.

Kellsie "KayPea" Pelling is the only female Ambassador with a chosen design. Hers is mostly black, with some vibrant purple accents.

Other than the fancy new color schemes, SteelSeries has given the Siberia 200 headset some minor updates over the discontinued V2. The new headset features 50 mm speaker drivers with 10-28000 Hz frequency response to help create more immersive, realistic sounds. The retractable microphone is unidirectional with 40-16000 Hz frequency response and 2200 Ohm impedance.

SteelSeries has also included a 4-pole adapter in the box so you can use the headset with a mobile phone.

Cable Length (m):1.8 m
Connector Type:Dual 3.5 mm, 3-pole plugs
Adapter:Single 3.5 mm, 4-pole plug
Speaker Drivers50 mm Neodymium
Headphone Frequency Response (Hz):10-28000
Headphone Sensitivity (dB):112 dB
Microphone Frequency Response (Hz):50-16000
Microphone Pickup Pattern:Unidirectional (directional)
Microphone Sensitivity (dB):-38 dB
Microphone Impedance (Ohm):2200 Ohm

SteelSeries' Siberia 200 headset is available now for $79.99 in white and black. The specialty color options will be available soon for the same suggested price.

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