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Rumored Next-Generation Xbox Specs Float About

Rumored technical specifications of Microsoft's unannounced successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox 720, or Infinity, (or whatever it will be called) has been leaked.

According to the leak, the Xbox 720 will sport an 8-core 1.6GHz processor, 8 GB of RAM, an 800MHz graphics processor and a 50 GB 6x Blu-ray disc drive.

During the opening stages of January, Microsoft teased a major reveal for its 2013 E3 press conference, which is widely believed to be the Xbox 720. The console itself is expected to be priced between $350 to $400.

The list of purported Xbox 720 specifications are as follows. Keep in mind that these are just from rumors, and we won't know until the very day it is announced. But until then, it'll be fun to compare them against your favorite gaming PC configuration.

CPU:x64 Architecture8 CPU cores running at 1.6 gigahertz (GHz)each CPU thread has its own 32 KB L1 instruction cache and 32 KB L1 data cacheeach module of four CPU cores has a 2 MB L2 cache resulting in a total of 4 MB of L2 cacheeach core has one fully independent hardware thread with no shared execution resourceseach hardware thread can issue two instructions per clockGPU:custom D3D11.1 class 800-MHz graphics processor12 shader cores providing a total of 768 threadseach thread can perform one scalar multiplication and addition operation (MADD) per clock cycleat peak performance, the GPU can effectively issue 1.2 trillion floating-point operations per secondHigh-fidelity Natural User Interface (NUI) sensor is always presentStorage and memory:8 gigabyte (GB) of RAM DDR3 (68 GB/s)32 MB of fast embedded SRAM (ESRAM) (102 GB/s)from the GPU’s perspective the bandwidths of system memory and ESRAM are parallel providing combined peak bandwidth of 170 GB/sec.Hard drive is always present50 GB 6x Blu-ray Disc driveNetworking:Gigabit Ethernet Wi-FiWi-Fi DirectHardware accelerators:Move enginesImage, video, and audio codecsKinect multichannel echo cancellation (MEC) hardwareCryptography engines for encryption and decryption, and hashing