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Three High-End Gaming Systems Compared

32-bit 3D-Gaming Benchmarks

Though most 32-bit software can be used under 64-bit Windows, technician Shelton Romhanyi left nothing to chance and loaded 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate (SP1) prior to running our standard 32-bit benchmark set.

As with the 64-bit version, anyone looking to run Crysis at high settings and 1920 by 1200 pixel resolutions will probably prefer the CrossFireX graphics configuration of the Falcon Northwest Mach 5.

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance gets an even greater boost from the four-GPU CrossFireX configuration of the Mach 5.

Unreal Tournament 3 gets a moderate performance boost from the Mach 5’s AMD-based graphics solution.

World In Conflict also shows the Mach 5 with a slight lead.

Note that all three manufacturers offer both AMD and Nvidia graphics solutions and that, at 3.60 GHz, the Blackbird 002 LC is overclocked by a far lower amount than the 4.00 GHz of the Falcon Northwest and Vigor Gaming machines. The comparison isn’t perfect, but it is fair since each company chose these configurations to represent its products.