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Three High-End Gaming Systems Compared

32-bit Application Benchmarks

3D Studio Max was one of the first programs we noticed that took full advantage of four cores, and it continues to impress us by efficiently scaling up to the eight cores of Colossus.

Here’s a surprise. We would have expected professional programs like Adobe’s to take full advantage of multi-core processing, but instead we find this programming advantage going to Grisoft, the makers of AVG anti-virus software.

Even Fritz 11 Chess is more effective at using eight cores than a couple of our “professional” programs. Perhaps these software developers haven’t yet seen a reason to make the jump to more aggressive threading. Hopefully the upcoming Nehalem launch helps change their directions. Oh, and this does put the superior processing power of Vigor Gaming’s Colossus back in the lead.

WinRAR reflects the pattern we’ve come to expect from daily-use software, being optimized for no more than four cores.