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AMD A10-6700 And A10-6800K Review: Richland Hits The Desktop

Results: Adobe CS6

After Effects tends to demonstrate sensitivity to available memory per core, so perhaps we should have expected the dual-core Core i3 to establish a lead early on.

Premiere Pro CS6 scales much more reliably according to core count. Although AMD's cores don't get as much done per clock cycle, the fact that there are four of them earn the A10-6800K a first-place finish in this benchmark. 

Remember, we have two distinct Photoshop benchmarks. The CPU test consists of several threaded filters that tax each CPU's x86 cores. The OpenCL benchmark uses filters that leverage CPU and GPU resources.

In the CPU-heavy test, Intel's two Hyper-Threaded cores trail the three AMD APUs we're testing, all of which have a pair of Piledriver modules. Conversely, the combination of HD Graphics 2500 and x86 cores puts the Core i3-3220 ahead in our OpenCL-based metric. AMD's processors aren't far behind, though.