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ATI Brings HDTV to the PC

Price And What's Included

The HDTV Wonder PCI card retails for $199 and is available through major retailers and mail-order. The back of the card has three connectors: one for the HDTV antenna, one for analog cable TV or an analog antenna and one for the ATi purple breakout box. The HDTV Wonder will not accept HDTV signals from cable boxes or satellite boxes.

The Remote Wonder controller and batteries are included. The Remote Wonder is an Radio Frequency based remote that let's you launch applications with a familiar TV remote control. Since it is RF based, you don't need to point the remote at the PC. The radio receiver plugs into any USB port.

A cool looking triangular shaped antenna and detachable coaxial cable are included. You don't have to use the included antenna, in fact we started using an amplified Radio Shack antenna later in our review. You can also use a longer coaxial cable to get the antenna closer to a window.

ATi's signature purple breakout box is included. The breakout box is for input only and has connections for S-Video and Composite Audio/Video.